Secondary School

YAY! I got in to the school I wanted!


I’m alive!

I am writing this to warn you that I’m still here.


In March I went skiing in the French resort La Rosiere with my mother and her friend.

Within a few days I was good enough to ski into Italy, and have a pizza while there!

On my favourite run we made a snowhole big enough for a tall adult to fit in. It was definitly a trip I will

remember for a long time!

Rosie & Me with our snowman

Fun Run

On the 4th of May I will be doing the YMCA fun run

with my family.

If you have a few minutes spare please visit our

Just Giving page :

Woodberry Down

On Wednesday I went to Woodberry Down,

On the first night we had a disco, the second

a campfire and there wasn’t a third. I shared

a room with Rebecca , Megan , Christina ,

Rachel , Rachel , Amber and Georgia.


In 12 days I will go skiing with my mum and her friends,

I already have the clothes I will need .

Its quite strange because , after that I’m going to go to

a place for a residential school trip, so I will only have 1 day

of school in 3 weeeks

Chinese New Year

My family went to the Chinese New Year parade in Soho,

first we saw a dragon dance , then we had a delicious meal , and finally

went shopping before going home.